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I have again been included in the Ontario Arts Council
Artists in Education Program. If you'd like to host a
project at your school, contact the artist at <milkweed@milkweedpatch.com>

BEAUTIFUL WORLD: Wildlife Count and related artworks at Artword Gallery
November 12 to December 13, 2003. HOURS 1-5pm Wednesday to Saturday
75 Portland Street, Toronto Ontario Canada. Telephone: 416-408-1146
Click on the address to connect with Artword's website at http://www.artword.net.

Link to Wildlife Count,
Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies

From December 2002 to February 2003, under the Canada Council International Residencies program, I created an on-site Wildlife Count in Trinidad and Tobago. My eternal gratitude go to the people of Canada through the Canada Council for the Arts, and to the people of Trinidad who daily created for me the best experience of my life. Special thanks to my hosts, Caribbean Contemporary Arts, and the many international organizations that support them.
click on the address to connect with CCA' website at http://www.cca7.org

The Trinidad residency and some of the artworks in the Beautiful World exhibition were funded through the International Residency Program of the Canada Council.

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Wildlife Count

On-site carving:
Humber Bay Park East,
Etobicoke Ontario, Canada

created for the on-site exhibition
Breathwork May 11-June 22, 2002.
Organized by the

Waterfront Trail Artists
in Etobicoke, (Toronto) Ontario, Canada

Through the exhibition "Breathworkk, The Waterfront Trail Artists, their director Wendy Lilly and freelance curator Rochelle Holt gave me my first opportunity to carve on-site. I was learning web design at the time, and a web-story also began forming in my head. This experience moved me into a new way of working: on-site and on the Web.

Link to the Waterfront Trail Artists: http://www.interlog.com/~trailart

Metamorphosis Pole

Carved on-site during the summer and fall of 2001. Can be viewed at 128 Portland Street, Toronto Ontario, Canada. Thanks to Judith Sandiford for the opportunity.

Student Wildlife Count

In June of 2002, students in Mr. Fusaro's Grade 5 class in St. John the Evangelist Catholic School went with me on a field trip to the nearby Humber River only a few blocks from the school. Though we were in the former town of Weston, in the middle of what is now Metroplolitan Toronto, we saw many animals. In the mud by the river, we even found deer tracks and huge heron tracks.
Together, the students and I created a design that commemorates the animals indigenous to the area. The school plans to bring me back to carve the design onto the tree stump everyone is posing beside. Thanks to Mr. Fusaro, principal John Anderson and the school community. Thanks to the friendly, funny, talented and creative students for their great effort, See you again soon!

Thanks to Mark Dias of the Toronto District Catholic School Board for getting us together. Thanks especially to the Artists in Education Program of the Ontario Arts Council for funding the reasearch and design aspect of this project.

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I was invited by Festive Earth to help students create a wildlife mural for their Living Rivers Festival May 5, 2002. I had great fun at St. Aloysius School, one of the warmest, most inviting, intelligently-run schools I have visited. Thanks again to the fabulous Mark Dias of the Toronto Catholic District School Board. Thanks to Gerrard Square Mall in Toronto, who sponsored the artist. Thanks especially to principal Anne Butler, teacher Christine Walters and their wonderful Grade 3 and 4 class at St.Aloysius School!
Contact Festive Earth at http://www.festiveearth.com