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As an educator, O'Rourke teaches all ages to find inspiration and healing in the natural world.

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A number of souls gave their support to the creation of Milkweed Patch. But there are three whose contributions were vital. I was able to encounter and study the monarch through the hospitality of Susan Hare and her amazing family. Tom Kane's contributions in research, transport, studio support and encouragement are immeasurable. The late Bruce Cummer left me a small legacy that enabled a studio to be rented for a crucial eight months when Milkweed Patch took shape. It was finally completed in the house of Dorothy and Alan Herbert. The photographs on this site were taken by the artist at A Space Gallery under the supervision of photographer and gallery technican David Ferguson, whose skills facilitated the fulfillment of a vision. Thanks also to Khang Pham, Lien Chao, curator Sharona Plakidas, and to the A Space Programming Committee.

Unless other credit has been given, all writing and imagery on this site were created by Debbie O'Rourke. Except for credited quotations, none can be reproduced except with the permission of and compensation to the artist.

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