Milkweed Patch was, over a period of years, crafted from silk and wood. The individual elements are not for sale. However, two years of study preceded the start of the actual crafting of the installation. During this time, numerous drawings and photographs were made. Some of these are offered for sale on this web-site. Various experimental works and materials tests, including a limited number of silk banners, are also available.

Commissioned Work

The artist continues to produce Larva Poles and Metamorphosis Poles, by special order.

Unless credit has been given to other sources, all artwork, photographs and text on this web-site were created by artist Debbie O'Rourke. None may be used without permission of the artist.

Drawings and Small Artworks

Metamorphosis II

Larva Poles

Painted silk, carved and painted wood with mixed media inside white box frame with plexiglass


Larva Poles are made from driftwood: painted and burnt.

Foetal Humanoid, test piece

Study for screen in plywood and found wood carved, painted and burnt .

22 by 22 inches.

Respecting the natural grace of the driftwood,they are used as found: never cut.

Size: 1 to 7 feet

Foetal Humanoid



Study for plywood screen, pencil on vellum

14 by 17 inches
$500. (framed).

Price: $40. per foot or portion over 7 inches.

Metamorphosis Poles

Larva Reaching


Study for plywood screen. Acrylic and pencil on vellum.

19 by 24 inches

Insectoid Larvae

Study for plywood screen. Pencil, acrylic on vellum

19 by 24 inches

Metamorphosis Poles
are 6 to 8 inch cedar poles: carved painted and burnt. The theme is transformation, but designs are not confined to monarch or butterfly patterns.

Design fee $500.
Carving and painting: $400 per foot.
Metamorphosis, study 1


Marker on vellum.

19 by 24 inches

Study for "Elegy"
Large Silk Banners


Study for small silk work. Marker on vellum.

19 by 24 inches,
$500. framed

Silk Banners: Full size, unframed

These are 7-foot silk banners: experimental pieces, slightly stained from studio use. Originally made for inclusion in the installation Milkweed Patch. When the artist decided that the silk in the installation should touch the floor, they were replaced.

Human Skull Study

Marker and acrylic on vellum

12 by 16 inches

Insectoid Skull:

Hanging Larvae (back) shown above.

Price: $500. each includes shipping. Purchaser receives 1 silk banner, finished with rings or loops at the top, hanging instructions, framing recommendations.

Study for wood-carvings. Pencil, mixed media on Derwint paper

8 by 10 inches

Hanging Larvae (front) shown at right.

Not naughty at all but a frank nude. Link for a view of the full artwork.

Miniatures and Jewelry 

"Excuse me Ma'am. Is that a caterpillar in your ear?" Link to a page of miniatures hand-made by the artist.

Thank you for visiting my site. If you would like to purchase an artwork, this is the procedure:
Email to Debbie O'Rourke <>.
Write "Milkweed Patch artwork" in the subject line. I mail or email you back with my address and the invoice. (Prices are quoted in Canadian funds and Canadian taxes are included in the price of the artwork. Shipping is extra) You send me a check. I send you your goodies.