Wildlife Count by Debbie O'Rourke: Humber Bay Park East, Toronto

Mourning cloak carving, Humber Bay Park East

November 8, 2002: I returned for the first time since August. I was away teaching, and October was too cold. The log had already turned completely silver- quite subtle and beautiful. A lot of people approached me while I worked. They like the log, and thanked me for working so hard on it. They love the subtlety of it and don't want to see too much change.
November 9: 16 degrees Celsius. A birdwatcher spotted mergansers and buffleheads. I saw a couple of cormorants, lots of Canada geese and mallards. The three white geese are so friendly, they make the other animals relax too. I had to push their heads away before they started nibbling. I saw a monarch butterfly, and reported it to Journey North. There's one that missed the boat: the goldenrod it was flitting about in had all gone to seed. There are only a few little wildflowers left.

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