Wildlife Count by Debbie O'Rourke: Humber Bay Park East, Toronto

Day 7, Sunday May 19:
At home I made swallow and blackbird patterns, and I trace them onto the top of the log. The repetition of the swallows works well on the log. I integrate another blackbird into the infinity symbol I have rendered with bird and water motifs

Swallow pattern: pencil drawing

Windy, I see by the clouds that it is raining in many neighbourhoods, but I only get a few sprinkles. Not too many humans or animals for company today. Sometimes its very cold and I wish my ride would come. Then the sun comes out and I feel I could carve for hours. No new sightings. All the usual suspects are around, but not in such great numbers. The weather keeps them hunkered down.

May 20. Organization day. I drop something off to performance artist Paul Couillard and tell him about my doubts. He has a lot of experience working improvisationally, onsite. He is reassuring to talk to. "Its all about listening," he says.

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