Jewelry and miniatures are all hand-made by artist Debbie O'Rourke. The designs are based on monarch caterpillar patterns and the wood-carvings in the installation Milkweed Patch. Most are created from driftwood treated by wood-burning and painting with acrylic and varnish. No two pieces are identical, but pairs are carefully balanced for a symmetrical effect.

"Excuse me ma'am... "
Life-sized dangling monarch caterpillars. Carved, painted and burnt.

 $30. per pair.

Larva-pole Earrings
Similar to the organic shapes and simple patterning of the larva poles. No carving.
Order by length.

Larger than Life

I wear these in my ears but you may prefer to dangle them from plants, mouldings, curtain rods, Christmas trees. Martha Stewart, eat your heart out.

Approx 3 inches long,
$30. each

From one to three inches.
1-inch, $10./pair.
2-3 inches,
$10. each.

Wooden studs
to balance a
striking single.

$5. each



Neck ornamentation: sizes approximately as shown, no two alike. "Metamorphosis" and "Caterpillar" themes available in both styles: pendant on leather cord and elastic choker. $35.00 each

Prices include all Canadian taxes. All orders must be paid by check in Canadian funds. Minimum charge for handling and for shipping by regular post in North America is $10.00 Canadian.

This is the procedure:
Email to Debbie O'Rourke <>.
Debbie O'Rourke <>.
Write "Milkweed Patch artwork" in subject line. I email you back with my address and the invoice. You send me a check. I send you your goodies.